To normalize service after sales, protect consumer's lawful rights and interests, help users resolve problem after buying products,and build perfect product quality system.Our company-Shenzhen Guowei Cesller Technology Co.,Ltd.(Hereafter,the word is short for"Guowei Cesller Technology" ) sets down the following warranty clauses and afford standard service according to the clauses.

<1> If products breakdown because of performance, users can be afforded the following guarantee service while having purchase proof and warranty card:

  1. If products breakdown because of performance within 7 days after buying machine, you can choose to repair, return goods, or replace the same model and same specification products at our Agent authorized by our company in your place.
  2. If products cause some problem by performance within from 8 to 30 days after buying machine, you can choose repair, or replace the same model and specification products at our Agent authorized in your place.
  3. If products cause some problem by performance within one year after buying machine,can be afforded door-to- door service.
  4. If losing purchase proof and warranty card, and can not provide with the copy of purchase proof,can be afforded three-month warranty service within 3 monthes after sending out from manufacture while our Engineers identify that the products are made from our company.

<2> Users can be afforded guarantee service in the rest wanranty period after repairing the products. Users also can get door-to-door warantee service within 90 days after products repaired while it is over original guarantee period.

<3> If any of the following situation take place, users can not get guarantee service ( It is to say that this guarantee quality clause will not applicable the following.) .

  1. Exceeds guarantee period.
  2. No warranty card and valid invoice (Except for other effective proof).
  3. Content of Guarantee card has been modified and is not accordant with product.
  4. Problems caused by wrong operation,maintenance in the relative operation manual.
  5. Problems caused by operation in unrequirement environment.
  6. Problems caused by wrong working environment, power supply environment(such as connection to earth is not good and power voltage is too high, or too low.), and wrong operation.
  7. Disassembling is not at service place authorized by Guowei Cesller Technology .
  8. Defaults caused by force majeure (Such as Volcano, lightning), and other accident(such as falling off, Collide).
  9. Product attrition (Including but not limited to outer shell, Keyboard, Display monitor, Accessory).
  10. Defaults, flaws and defections are caused not because of Guowei Cesller Technology.
  11. There are not original assembly mark , bar code and Net Access License on products.
  12. Any products is modificated by others except for Guowei Cesller Technology.

<4> Our guarantee clauses is only applicable for original products manufactured by our company, not applicable for any products modified by our agents or users.

<5> Whithin warranty period,Guowei Cesller Technology will have right to change any parts, which performance is not less than original breakdown parts and brand is same or different from original product brand. And the parts removed blong to Guowei Cesller Technology.

<6> Cesller technology or agnet authorized by our company will charge for repairing if it exceeds guarantee period.

<7>If products cause quality problem within guarantee period, we advise users should do as the following: 1、Users should take products to service department of Guowei Cesller Technology or agent authorized by our company with guarantee card, invoice or other purchase proof whithout any modification. 2、Users can dial telephone number of Guowei Cesller Technology's service department to get right service information. 3、If some function provided by Telecorm dealers (Such as Caller ID, Calls transfer) can not operate normally, Users should check with them at first.

<8> Charges happened during users taking prodcuts to service department of Guowei Cesller Technology should be abudoned by users.

<9> Any parts removed from our products belong to Guowei Cesller Technology.

<10> All of guarantee service explained here or implicited in other introduction should be accorded with the clause

<11> Guarantee clauses are only applicable for the products quality problem within warranty period. That is to say Guowei Cesller Technology is not responsible for any other direct or indirect loss (Including but not be limited to data's dispear or others).

<12> Any dealers of Guowei Cesller Technology or agent or service point authorized by our company don't have right to afford service beyond the guarantee clause, also has no right not to afford service included in the clauses.

<13> Relative China compulsive stipulation is applicable for the warranty administration system.

<14> Guowei Cesller Technology has the right to revise warranty information, product features and normalization without any advance notice.

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