WS824(10)F Group Phone System
◆ Can be installed on the standard network cabinets
Equipped with a dedicated rack fixed suite, the group telephone system can be installed in the 19-inch standard network cabinets, implement standard management
◆ Connected with 2 key phones(EXT01&EXT02) 
It with key phone make desk answering phone calls and and tranfer more simple,fiexible,using key phone system programming more intuitive and convenient.
◆ Built-in inside and outside line with Caller ID function
Set calls without free exterior ports, call signal by special circuit for receiving and forwarding, and adjust the perimeter can be programmed according to different regions to delay time, make the electricity performance is more stable.
◆ Call queuing function: Telephone Answering opportunity for intensive phone calls evenly distributed on multi-part machine answer, to shorten the waiting time for the call, so that each part of the machine can get the average, reasonable, especially suitable for the 800 hotline, many business people order department, etc.
◆ It shows that calls the function of the support part 5 at the same time, convenient to users in different locations instant check the arrival information, more intelligent.
◆ Economic line automatically, when users make a long distance, does not need to access number, and then the cumbersome system can automatically go economic lines, convenient operation, the maximum save the user's phone. And transfer line can also be set automatically economic line.
◆ Multiple call forwarding mode
Speed transfer immediately,transfer after consultation, busy or wrong number, transfer the way back, call forwarding to reduce the loss rate,according to speed up the transfer time.
◆ Key phone system programing
Through one key phone,you can always convenient for system programming (parameter modification), the modified data immediately visible.
◆ System status monitoring
Through one key phone can always be observed extension and outside the state
◆ Built-in 4 rounte 75S intelligent auto-attendant
Can record their own voice, outside into the can dial extension, eliminating the need for a fixed total station attendant(First section is 30S,Second/Thrid/Forth/Fifth section is 9S)
◆ You can set the extension hook through outside
Changed the traditional switch must first get an outside line dial 9 or 0, and the phone can not dial after pressing the redial key defects (such as pressing a  pause button after dialing 9 or 0).After setting this function extension, playing outside or external Redial extension directly to the outside as the same.
◆ Day/Night Service manually.
Desk attendant with a simple operating system can be switched to the running status during the day or night. Using this feature, during the day outside into the extension to be appointed by the answer (desk), at night or front desk attendant to temporarily leave, switch to the computer operator response, outside into the dial the extension number.
◆ Extension number can be full flexibly
Extension number can be numbered from 2 to 4 digits.So the user even if change to another office, use another extension, extension still programmable back number.
◆ Moblie account
You can set up to 32 mobile account and configure different call restriction level, management personnel assigned to the company for any extension on outside calls in the company.
◆ Multi-party conference call
Key phone can be set up eight party conference (2 Co lines,6 Exts lines), ordinary telephone can establish three party conference.
◆ Extension hotline
After setting an extension hotline, pick up the phone without dialing can be called through the specified extension, particularly suitable for specific applications, such as sauna environment.
◆ Call back on busy
When taken outside or extension call another extension is busy, you can simply press a button to apply Call Back, and other outside or when the called extension is idle, the system will automatically call back the extension.
◆ Outside into a variety of response mode
Can be set to specify the outside into a multi-part answer a ringing or by the computer operator.
◆ Call forwarding
Extension can be set to avoid disturbing, or immediate transfer, or busy / no answer from the transfer, so that the machine is busy or no connection, the phone can be transferred extension answer.
◆ Multi-station
Can be set up two desk on duty during the day and a night shift desk.
◆ Call pick-up 
Extension can simply press Pickup command, you can easily pick up the call on another extension.Especially for collective office environment, to prevent the phone went unanswered.
◆ Limit alarm call
Can restrict Some extensions may limit long Talked On The Phone.Can set the limit type (one-way), or into type (double), limit time can be set to 3, 6, 9 minutes. 
◆ Interrupt/disconnect 
In case of emergency (if urgent things that need to be notified immediately of an extension user is on a call), the extension can have permission to forcibly insert the extension of an outside call to inform them of emergency.Or in the case of the outside are occupied, the company managers need to get an outside line to call immediately, privileged extension (such as the extension manager or total station) can be forcibly removed an outside call.
◆ Telephone inquiries
On WS824 series key phone, you can easily use the function keys to query received calls with missed calls. This model can be saved on the phone conneced to a special number five missed calls.
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