◆ Connected with one English display key phone,and  key phone and common phone are programmable. Through one key phone can monitor all outside and inside line.
◆ Built-in inside and outside line with Caller ID function,inside call choose DTMF standard format, Outside Caller ID for FSK, DTMF two formats, the extension after the installation of caller id telephone can realize the call display function, incoming number for many times transfer is not lost. And can be realized at the same time five ordinary ext caller id at the same time, in a more convenient place for telephone inquiries.
◆ Multi-class of services:Class of services have multiple levels, there are long-distance level, local level, inside class, open number,etc,can be flexibly controllextension type, make calls to a minimum. This level of service including the extension service levels, service level portable password.
◆ Busy tone of Co lines detection: computer operator under state outside into the extension after ringing, hang up if you enter by ringing extension will stop ringing. And the system will automatically cut off the outside for other extensions to use, full use of outside resources.
◆ Intelligent routing function: You can set two kinds of domestic and international type no account IP. All domestic and international long-distance fight extension dialing as usual, the system according to the dial the extension number automatically recognize whether IP phone opening area, automatically switch to the IP telephone network and for an extension on long distance, the user has no feeling. Not only IP phone use is very convenient, and can be used more than, can save a lot of long distance costs the company.
◆ Call queuing function: Telephone Answering opportunity for intensive phone calls evenly distributed on multi-part machine answer, to shorten the waiting time for the call, so that each part of the machine can get the average, reasonable, especially suitable for the 800 hotline, many business people order department, etc.
◆ Bulit-in three sections outgoing, convenience for the users work in different mode.Section 1:Hello! please dial the extension number, check number please dial 0;Section 2: Extension is busy, please dial the other extension number; Section 3:Dial a wrong number  or not answered, automatic playback
◆ 2-4 digit flexibly,the leading number can be 1/2/8.
◆ Increasing the extension goes off-hook, press # 6 * automatic rings afer three times hang and display the extension number itself.
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