WS824 (9) i IP PBX System
◆Innovative design appearance
WS824(9)i,with a new appearance design,both beautiful fashion,and the standard of the popular network rack installation,convenient customer for effective planning and management.In addition to racks of installation,the user can also according slot system,adpot special dampers for effective safeguards to prevent dust,pest caused by product quality hidden trouble.Reasonable structure,very suitable for small and medium enterprises to install use.
◆Good compatibility and expansibility
WS824 (9)i,compatible with both traditional switch function, and support the IP function and voice recording function extension. Support WS824 series dedicated telephone access, inheritance WS824 series products of the operating system, users can through the simple operation and set up the realization of the function of products.
◆The first cost-effective hybrid IP PBX
As a traditional analog hybrid switch, can easily extend the IP function, in the global network areas use IP phone, or IP soft phone call as inside each dial, flexible and convenient.At the same time, also support for a minimum of 2 sets of IP switch IP network, become the IP switch from side or terminal at the next higher level, each other can be free to make calls through the network.
◆The complete hotel management applications
Configuration of hotel management software, the realization of the hotel front desk registration, clock management, dial the extension points in time, cost and output, generate billed, words fee deposit management, etc.
◆Improve performance
WS824 (9)i, based on existing analog hybrid as a hardware platform, USES the advanced SMT process and panel design, the user application to handle more sensitive new, better safeguard the stability of the product at the same time. Computer operator function also recorded straight through PC, insider calls forwarded a more stable and fast FSK system. To fully support the bureau nowadays many standard trunk line and terminal equipment.
◆Improve the function of the system
WS824 (9),besides equipped with traditional switch function, also support the dual mode of computer operator, the extension number, automatic routing, economic mobile account management, comprehensive extension information and allow the user to get new experience of switch function, improve office efficiency.
Capacity:Extension port is 16-88 lines,trunk port is 4-10 lines, Max port total capacity is 92 lines(4 Co lines 88 Exts) or 82 lines(10 Co lines and 72 Exts),can be connected with 9PCS expansion  board
Extension type: 2 wire common phone,4 wire key phone,network IP (SIP) phone.
Trunk Type: 2 wire PSTN trunk, wireless GSM / CDMA trunk, network IP (SIP) trunking.
IP function(optional):4 traditional voice-IP voice channel,20 IP-IP voice channel,100 IP(SIP)account for free use indefinitely,4 IP(SIP) trunk.
Conference: 2 groups of 8 party meeting (up to 2 metting outside, at least to have an extension to join in the meeting).
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