NSN9000Mi is based on NSN9000M as the foundation of switches, IP embedded Linux operation system and application software Asterisk hybrid IPPBX system, realizes the TDM and IP technology double fusion technology. IP system adopts the general standard of SIP2.0, terminal compatibility is good, can with superior application experience for the user, at the same time greatly for the user to save communication cost, IPPBX system is tailored for the people.
◆Standard frame type design and easy and beautiful
NSN9000Si,the single frame type 10U design, the convenience of our customers for effective planning and management. Installation can be loaded into standard rack,mounting surface carried by the user freedom of choice and very humane. Equipped with pad feet also allows placement of desktop clients. Exterior appearance with a black one, boards with lights and black bezel, the overall look and feel very harmonious, applicable to all units on the type.
◆Good compatibility and inheritance
NSN9000Mi support analog trunk, digital trunks, radio relay and other access methods,internal extension can access the fax machine,wireless phone,key phone and other terminal equipment..Support for the company all series products key phone access,and operation to continue the traditional WS824 Digital PABX System,simple and convenient.
◆ntelligent auto-attendant(optional multi-level IVR voice) 
Built-in 2 rountes intelligent auto-attendant((can be up to 8 routes), you can enter into the same multi-channel outside for fast and flexible manner. Recorded content can be based on similar requirements as follows: Section 1, Hello! Welcome to XX company, please dial the extension number, product inquiries please press 1, business negotiation press 2, turn manual service please dial 0; Section 2 , the extension is busy, please dial the other extension number ; section 3, extension is not answered, please dial the other extension number; Section 4, I'm sorry, you dial the number is empty, please check are dial;Section 5, Hello! Your call will be forwarded ....... Section 6, Hello! Now is time to rest .... Recording mode can be recorded straight phone or via an external device (such as a PC, etc.), recording a total duration of 75 seconds. In addition, the user can change the circadian computer operator answer a demand mode. Computer operator regardless of playback can be carried out any time to grab a voice dial the extension number, saving external inbound on time.   
◆Professional can forwarding to mobile phone
Depending on the application will be called extension settings transferred to the phone.Each extension user cann’t mistake every important client,It is conventient for extenstions busy,no one or after work can transfer when someone calls. Reduce incoming call loss phenomenon.Turn out outside phone choice, lower costs, transfer phone features added into the computer operator calls for Tips, by adding voice navigation, lei ncoming calls can more quickly and easily find the caller. Greatly increased customer satisfaction, it is an effective to strrngthen company telephone communications.
◆Improve performance    
Key phone display refresh rate is much faster than the current analog system,let the user the feeling of cutting-edge sensitive.Extension number can be numbered flexibly(leading number can be 1-9),8 rounte 75S outgoing message,and can record through PC,exts,it is much faster and  than common outgoing message reflect the speed and sensitivity into the call. But also through the external PC operator recording, extension calls forwarded from DTMF to FSK system, forward extension telephone more than five times faster than analog system, and more reliable, and to the choice of the telephone range wider, can access almost any caller id telephone. Better sound quality effect, because of adopting digital technology, reduce the noise of the voice in the system transmission and attenuation, and the exterior gain used the software control, therefore whether outside threats on the phone, all have clearer and less attenuation of sound quality.
◆Call recording function (optional)
Between the extension, the extension and the conversation switches outside and inside and outside line between the switch and the IP extension effective real-time recording. Using network connection, specify stored in the same local area network PC, supports multi-disk storage, the use of software management interface, enabling bidirectional control and real-time monitoring and so on, easy access and efficient management. Support multi-language version of the optional, compatible nowadays mainstream windows operating system. Support PSTN lines or E1 line recording. Powerful voice operation ability and high-fidelity sound quality is based on law or responsibility identification, a necessary function.
◆32 party conference bridge function (customized version)
Allow meeting held three conference bridge, a total of 32 party conference, including 31 meeting customers and presided over a meeting, the host must be dedicated telephone port. The way to attend the meeting points called way and the way to join.
◆WS824 Mini Call Center Software(optional), reserved special hotel software interface
WS824 Mini Call is set billing system, system monitoring, system setting and customer information record play screen for the integration of multi-functional supporting system. Make it easy for customers to manage the telephone system, improve the work efficiency, save more labor costs, improve customer satisfaction, especially suitable for the business needs of different industries. Reserved specical hotel software interface for the third-party software receive billed and feature set
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