NSN9000L thouands level digital PBX
◆New digital platforms and Several point codes
Products using new digital switching technology, non-blocking call, by several point codes from (exit no. 0-9) are available, and can be very good for networking extensions (through intermediate components, such as VOIP, fiber, 2M, etc.), more telecom operators call options, save your cost more. The establishment of the digital platform, to provide a stable platform for IP function integration, IPPBX fusion (unified communications) and the evolution of multimedia small call center laid a foundation.
◆Powerful and flexible configuration supports most digital trunk access
NSN9000L system can from basic 8 Co lines 16 extension configuration, flexible expansion to 128 Co lines or 992 extension. So it has good expansibility and capacity abaptability And supports four E1 trunk (PRI, NO7, etc.) access. Enterprises in the initial configuration, can buy a set of small and medium-capacity,along with the development of enterprises and gradually expand to add affordable board, so that not only protect the initial investment of the equipment, and ensure the communication system with the enterprise growth of automatic adaptability.
◆Good compatibility and inheritance
Extension ports are compatible automatic key  phone or common  phone, so the system can be up to 80 key phone, also can according to need to pick up random number of key phone or common phone. All WS824 series key phone  compatible with the current system, fully inherited the current customers a wide range of operating functions, programming methods and habits.
◆Intelligent auto-attendant
Built-in 4 rountes intelligent auto-attendant((can be up to 12 routes), you can enter into the same multi-channel outside for fast and flexible manner. Recorded content can be based on similar requirements as follows: Section 1, Hello! Welcome to XX company, please dial the extension number, product inquiries please press 1, business negotiation press 2, turn manual service please dial 0; Section 2 , the extension is busy, please dial the other extension number ; section 3, extension is not answered, please dial the other extension number; Section 4, I'm sorry, you dial the number is empty, please check are dial;Section 5, Hello! Your call will be forwarded ....... Section 6, Hello! Now is time to rest .... Recording mode can be recorded straight phone or via an external device (such as a PC, etc.), recording a total duration of 75 seconds. In addition, the user can change the circadian computer operator answer a demand mode. Computer operator regardless of playback can be carried out any time to grab a voice dial the extension number, saving external inbound on time.
◆Professional IVR voice navigation system(Optional)
IVR,(Interactive Voice Response) is is an Interactive Voice Response, through the phone into the switch system, can be achieved by Voice prompt can be selective dial-up traffic navigation functions, compared to the original operator functions, expands the broader space navigation and more flexible way of use, can further realize the automatic call, improve the efficiency of traffic. NSN9000 series product IVR functionality for navigation level 6, support 64 processing, can enter up to 32 section of voice, a total length is 272 seconds, paragraphs support for voice custom length (100 seconds).
◆Professional can forwarding to mobile phone
Depending on the application will be called extension settings transferred to the phone.Each extension user cann’t mistake every important client,It is conventient for extenstions busy,no one or after work can transfer when someone calls. Reduce incoming call loss phenomenon.Turn out outside phone choice, lower costs, transfer phone features added into the computer operator calls for Tips, by adding voice navigation, lei ncoming calls can more quickly and easily find the caller. Greatly increased customer satisfaction, it is an effective to strengthen  company telephone communications.
◆Improve performance 
Key phone display refresh rate is much faster than the current analog system,let  the user the feeling of cutting-edge sensitive.Extension number can be numbered flexibly(leading number can be 1-9),8 rounte 75S outgoing message,and can record through PC,exts,it is much faster and  than common outgoing message reflect the speed and sensitivity into the call. But also through the external PC operator recording, extension calls forwarded from DTMF to FSK system, forward extension telephone more than five times faster than analog system, and more reliable, and to the choice of the telephone range wider, can access almost any caller id telephone. Better sound quality effect, because of adopting digital technology, reduce the noise of the voice in the system transmission and attenuation, and the exterior gain used the software control, therefore whether outside threats on the phone, all have clearer and less attenuation of sound quality.
◆Single number paging navigation
Single number group calling function of innovation. Operator into the computer, into the customer can hear the voice prompt, such as "welcome to call XXX company, please directly dial the extension number, product infromation please dial 1, after-sales service please dial 2, shpping inquiries please dial 3, human service please dial 0". Paging technology through a single number that allows incoming calls to a group of related extensions in the group call, the cycle call, whoever whoever idle ring type calls. This is particularly adapted to face a lot of direct customer base of the company, call traffic through this technology can accelerate into the call processing speed, traffic distribution equilibrium, reduce call loss rate and increase customer satisfaction. 
◆Intelligent routing function
For real-time intelligent analysis outside extension dialed number, China telecom, China unicom, China JiTong, China netcom and other one IP card account, password, IP telephone opening city one-time input in this exchange system. All dial extension make domestic and international long distance, such as usual, the system according to the dial the extension number automatically recognize whether IP phone opening area, automatically switch to the IP telephone network and for an extension on long distance, the user has no feeling. Not only IP phone is very convenient, and many perpole use, can save a lot of long distance costs for the company.
◆Call recording and conference bridge function(optional)
The system can record by matching the corresponding record function module system inside and inside, between the inside and the outside, while supporting PSTN line, E1 digital trunk access recording. Using PC hard drive as a mass storage, Support the visual interface operation and monitoring, compatible with all major windows operating system;At the same time,system also supports the conference bridge function module, up to 32 party conference, Meeting Room 22 single chamber 22 party conference, held up to three groups of conference rooms, 8 party spokesman professional meeting function at the same time. The operation is convenient, flexible control the realization of various functions and reasonable application.

NSN9000L models follows the design of the structure WS824 (8 D) digital PABX,using 5 layer standard rack cabinet design, power box, the main cabinet and the expansion of the three cabinet.Filled with more than 24U rack for installation, about retention 1U line space between the layers. Power layer is used to connect the input power supply in parallel connection, step by step the system data has by the main cabinet, unified planning to connect to the extension data connection plate cabinetand system data from the main cabinet unified planning aspects connected to each expansion cabinet data plate. NSN9000L digital PABX is Cesller's first thousands of gate-level digital PABX,s a high-enddoor number, to further expand product adapt to an increasingly expanding industry customeAr group.


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