WS824(5D) Digital PBX System
◆ Multi-mode Call Transfer.
◆ Built-in 6-duration Out-Going Message.
◆ Built-in Caller ID function for intercom and outside Line number and number can be transferred display again and again.. An incoming call number can be displayed at 5 extensions at same time.
◆ Economical Code auto-route
System can automatically switch to economical route code provided by different Telecom Carriers.
◆ Select a CO Line directly without dialing digit  9.
◆ Day/Night Service manually.
◆ Flexible Extension Numbering.
◆ 255 groups Walking Account Code.
◆ Account available in different extensions with different class of service authority.
◆ Manger/Secretary Call-group.
◆ Conference Call.
◆ Hot Dialing
You can store one CO line number or extension number in the extension. When the user picks up the call without dialing in 5 seconds, system will dial the stored number automatically.
◆ Auto. call-back on busy
When make outside or intercom call but busy, system can call back to this extension automatically when the desired CO Line or desired extension is free;
◆ Multi Answer Mode
Including Auto-attendance and Operator manually , and it can connect external DISA recorder or voicemail too.
◆ Call Forward
When the extension is busy or no-one answer , the incoming or intercom call to this extension can be forwarded to others.  Including  call forward directly,  call forward when busy , call forward when no answer.
◆ Setting Operator
Three operators can be set. Thus when operator 1 is busy ,call will ring at operator 2, operator 3 etc.
◆ Call Pick-up
User can pick up his call at any another extension by inputting two digits.
◆ Conversation Time Alarm
In order to prevent from user talking too long on the phone, system can be set to calling-out limitation or calling-out and calling-in limitation. When conversation reach the restricted time, system will make an alarm and cut off the line automatically.
◆ Interrupt and disconnect an outside call
For some emergency situation or no CO line available, the manager can interrupt an existing outside call conversation and disconnect it.
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