◆ 3S Software: This software can e used system status monitoring, system programming and SMDR statistics. CO line and extension status can be monitored lively in system monitoring mode.Extension numbers, classes of service and account codes can be set and changed in system programming mode .SMDR statistics function records the date, the conversation duration, outside call number, charge amount of the SMDR records made by extensions, account codes and CO-to –CO passwords. 
◆ Busy Tone Detection for Incoming Calls: System can detect busy tone of CO lines being occupied by an incoming call. And it can release the CO lines after the busy tone detected. 
◆ Announcing Extension Number Programming: Users can set extension numbers freely. An extension number can be voiced. It’s convenient for system administrator to track original extension number and change the extension number. 
◆ Flexible Extension Number Programming: Users can set extension numbers freely. An extension number can be from 2 digits to 4 digits and the first number can be for from “1” to “8”.And the number can not be repeated. It is very suitable for hotel application. Users can set extension numbers the same as room numbers. 
◆ Eight Parties Conference Call: Eight parties can join in a conference, where up to 2 outside and up to 6 internal parties can attend. 
◆ Making a Outside Call for Another Extension: This function is suitable for the situation, where an user needs other people’s help to make an outside call for him or 
her. After a conversation between extension A and extension B built, extension A can ask extension B to make a outside call for him/her. Extension B presses a key to hold extension A before making the outside call for extension A .Then, the will be transferred to extension A as soon as extension B hangs up. The call charge is counted on extension A. 
◆ Multi-Operation Modes: system can switch among different operation modes and switch different classes of service for extension at different time schedules to improve call routing rate and save call charge. Forexample,1. System operates in operator assistance mode on duty time while in auto-attendant mode off duty time. 2. Long-distance calls are permitted on duty time and local calls are only permitted off duty time. 
◆ Emergency Calls: Four emergency call numbers free of charge, such as fore alert call, emergency aid call and so on, can be stored in system. 
◆ Account Code: In order to control call charge, your can set personal account code for everyone. And people can make a outside call on any extension with his/her account code and the charge is counted on the code. You can set the class of service and deposit for it . 
◆ Trunk Numbers Integrated: If your company has several CO lines with different telephone numbers, you can publish only one number by using this function. Therefore,calls for the public number can be routed through all of the CO lines. 
◆ Class of Service: In order to save call charge, you can set classes of service for extensions, account codes and CO-to –CO passwords, for long-distance call, Loc,al Call, Inter, CON AND Un-restricted Call. 
◆ DISA CO-to-CO Calls: It is a special function, an incoming caller can use another idle CO line to make an outside call after inputting a CO-to-CO password. 
◆ IP Routing: System can switch to be in IP routing mode by programming and you can save one or more IP card numbers with passwords in system. Then, system can route your long-distance calls automatically through IP routes in order to save money.
Capacity:CO.Lines-4~16 Exts.-8~120 
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