◆ Can be connected with 12 Key Phones.
◆ AutoAttendant with Eight Durations of Outgoing Message: Two OGN modes: Fixed Message Playback and Recordable Message Playback, each of which has four durations and users can choose the mode according to their requirements. The content of the fixed messages is as the following: The first duration “Hello, please extension number. dial ‘0’ for operator assistance”; the second “the number is busy now, please dial another extension”. The third “nobody answer, please dial another extension”. The forth “the number doesn’t exist, please dial again”. You can record the out going messages in Recordable Message Playback mode similarly with the fixed messages or else. The total time is 60 seconds. No matter which duration is being played pack, an outside caller can dial into any extension. Thus, system can save a lot of tome to route a call.
◆ Caller ID: Caller ID can be detected in operator assistance or auto- attendant mode on outside lines. No matter can be displayed again and again in key phones or single line phones. This is a selectable function.
◆ Paging: You can make announcement on key phones or single line phones. Voice can be spread out through key phones and external loud speaker after a music notice tone. A Key phone can be set to allow to be paged or mot allow.



Capacity:CO.Lines-4~8 Exts.-16~32

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