WS824-2C Key Phone
◆ LCD: Adopting STN display module with two rows. Date, time, extension number, call status, conversation time, information of incoming calls, program status can be displayed.
◆ Incoming Call Light: Adopting big lamp to indicate visibly an incoming call so that you can know which phone is ringing, whenever you are under noise environment or far from the phone.
◆ Mute Key: For muting (including handset talking, earphone talking and handfree talking ) during conversation when the lamp lights. For switching to answer automatically in hook-on status when the lamp lights.
◆ TRF Key: For transferring call to another Extension. System can switch to night service mode when the key is pressed in hook-on status. The function can be realized by the key phone connected on port No.001.
◆ FLASH/REDIAL Key: For ending a talking without hanging up. For redialing a Extension number.
◆ DND Key: For diverting calls if the lamp is on or do not disturb if the lamp fiashes.
◆ INT Key: For making an internal call.
◆ LINE Key: For making an outside call.
◆ TH/TL Key: For adjusting the volume of speaker, handset, earphone and ring.
◆ SPKR Key: For hand free talking.
◆ CONF Key: For making a conference call.
◆ PAGE Key: For paging external loud speaker and key phones.
◆ HOLD Key: For confirming program revised and holding a CO line during a conversation.
◆ PAGEUP/PAGEDOWN Key: For navigating caller ID numbers. And 50 numbers can be stored for a key phone.
◆ FNC/CLEAR Key: For system programming and key programming
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