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A letter to the user of HB group phone system:

Thanks for using WS824 HB group phone system  or CESLLER IP PBX system!

WS824 group phone series products are developed and sold by Shenzhen Guowei Cesller Technology Co.,Ltd, manufactured by shenzhen guowei eletronic Co.,Ltd, please note the brand when purchasing: HBH
and WS824 type. Shenzhen Guowei Cesller Technology Co., LTD has added the anti-fake label for the packages specifications and brochures etc of WS824 products and under since July 1, 2014Head portrait of WS824 HB products founder Mr Cao Bencheng(as pictured),any products without above brand notes or anti-fake, however, with HB** **HB OR WS8** notes, are ont our products, namely fake cheap copy products In order to safeguard your lawful rights and interests, please don't buy fake products, or please call WS824 HB product unified hotline at 400-6788-755 to check, thank you for your cooperation




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Shenzhen Guowei Cesller Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 1996, is one of the largest manufacturers of professional group phone system in China.

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certificate NSN9000 3C Certificate for China Compulsory Product

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