◆ 3S Call Managment Software.(Selection Item)By the function,system can monitor all of Co.Lines and Extension Status,also can monitor,program,revise and call charge account.
◆ Built-in Caller ID for inner line(FSK);
◆ Two mode Caller ID function(FSK and DTMF) for Outside Line.(Selection Item);
◆ Can be connected with 12 Key Phone at most;
◆ Call queuing;
◆ Trunk nember integrateds;
◆ Built-in Six Sections 75s Outgoing message(can be up to two routes);
◆ Voice Extension number;
◆ Automation Answer Mode and group ringing;
◆ 255 group accompany passwords;
◆ IP economical routing can save call charge;
◆ Eight-party conference call;
◆ Multi-station setting,system can support 3 statopms at most;
◆ Hot-line dialing;
◆ Call Pick-up and forwarding.



Capacity:Basic capacityis 4 Lines,16Extensions.Can be up to 8 and 64 respectively at most

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certificate NSN9000 3C Certificate for China Compulsory Product

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